Water – your cheapest, fastest and most simple way to keep your healthy up

Honestly, I have no idea how another year has just past by at what seems with lightning speed, but it is that time of the year again, we are heading straight towards Xmas. With the countdown to my favourite time of the year, come also a lot of Xmas parties, do’s and gatherings. In addition, all those yummy-licious Xmas biscuits, cakes and dinners are making their merry appearance everywhere. You are finding yourself in the ‘silly season’ and might be wondering how on earth can you possibly keep your healthy up without turning into an unsocial nerd?

How about starting by committing to one of the many healthy-licious secrets to feeling your best, most vibrant, radiant self? How about promising yourself this festive season you will become dedicated to drinking enough H2O. After all water is one of the cheapest, easiest and most vastly available ways to truly up your healthy glow.

Need a little bit more motivation? Here is a quick break down of what the rejuvenating, beautifying liquid does for you:

  1. Water helps you flush out waste products from your body

Without enough water available in your cells your kidneys will retain fluid instead of filtering out toxins and waste. This then can lead to build up of waste in the body which translates as feeling bloated, experiencing swellings and tiredness. On the long run, if you are continuously unable to remove waste products from your precious body this will add unnecessary kilos onto your waist line and even worse could lead to more serious health issues.


  1. Water is your best re-vitalizer

An adult body is about 60 percent water. Considering this it is truly not surprising that if we do not take care to stay rehydrated all our body’s functions slow down. We need sufficient water in our cells to supply essential nutrients to our organs and remove waste products from our body. In addition, all our chemical processes depend on the presence of this liquid goodness. Therefore, if we are running low on life’s elixir called H2O, it affects our uptake of nutrients and break down of foods such as carbohydrates into glucose molecules and protein into amino acids. The less we are able to break down what we eat, the less we can absorb it and this means the body is running on empty. Not good.


  1. Water keeps you slim

If you are looking to lose weight or keep your healthy weight up, water is truly your best friend for 3 reasons.

Drinking regularly and enough water throughout your day will help you not confuse thirst with hunger.  H2O is also one of your most natural ways to control your appetite and prevent you from over-eating. In addition, your body is only able to burn fat off from food and drink or stored adipose tissue if your cells are supplied with enough water to make this happen.


  1. Water turbo-boosts your digestive processes

Not drinking enough water is one of the most common causes of constipation. Being unable to use the bathroom regularly cannot only lead to more serious health issues such as bowel cancer but also means waste products are not cleared from your body. This again then leads to weight gain as well as bloating, gas and general lethargy. I am sure we all can agree that constipation does not bring the best out in us.


  1. Water is your best and most inexpensive skin rejuvenating treatment

I am a bit of a freak when it comes to nurturing my skin. I love trying out all sort of natural skin creams and treatments. But when it comes to nourishing your epidermis from the inside out there is no better way to increase your skin’s elasticity and plumpness by ensuring adequate water intake. Yes, maintaining your skin’s density and thickness as well as brightening up your entire complexion can be as simple as re-hydrating your body’s cells with the inexpensive clear liquid. Surely upping your insane glow by drinking enough H2O must be the cheapest, simplest face-lift ever.


  1. Water uplifts your mood, muscle performance and brain function

Research shows that already the slightest form of dehydration has a major impact on your ability to concentrate, focus or exercise and move. Even worse, if your body’s cells are not sufficiently hydrated, you are very likely to experience mood swings and even increased levels of anxiety and depression.


  1. Water can prevent hangovers

Since alcohol is a diuretic it dehydrates your body. This in turn aggravates your common hangover symptoms of feeling exhausted, experiencing headaches and a dry mouth. By enjoying a glass of water with every glass of booze, you could relieve those symptoms or at least lesson them. Getting merry in such ways will also cut the calories down in half you are drinking up and might save you from one or the other bigger embarrassment because you are getting drunk at a much slower rate.

So, now that you are all highly motivated to commit to drinking more water, how do you know how much is enough? How much water should you drink to be your most glorious, best hydrated self? Unfortunately, the answer is different for everyone. How much H2O your individual body needs very much depends on who you are and what your lifestyle looks like. That is, it depends on your age, your gender, how active you are, what climate you are exposed to, your body size and whether you are battling against any other health issues or taking any medication which act as diuretics. As a general guideline I would suggest to aim for 2.8 – 3 litres of water per day. But remember that this number can look and feel very different on you and only you know how much of the liquid good you truly need to be your most awesome, glowing, vibrant self. Who is joining me for a big glass of water on this?!!!


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