What if you truly loved and accepted your gorgeous self?











You on a mission: You are on a mission. On a mission of changing your body shape. Of getting fitter and out-smarting the lazy, comfortable, not-so-sporty you. You are on fire and prepared to give it your all. This time you are going to nail this. You made a promise to yourself to go through with your plan towards the new, slimmer you, until you have arrived where for so long you have wanted to be. There won’t be any ‘giving in’s’, ‘short cuts’ or ‘not enough willpower’. You are strong, you can do this.

Feeling smaller on the inside, but not, as you were hoping, on the outside: However, despite all your gorgeous determination, unfaultable strength and enormous efforts, you can feel how your self-trust and believe in all that you are is starting to run thinner with every day while you feel you are not. Each day you are filled with a little more self-doubt. Why is your weight not simply falling off you? Why is all of this change so hard and is taking what feels forever? And why are you starting to feel smaller on the inside instead of on the outside? You are more and more crumbling away on all the enormous pressure you are putting on yourself and it feels anything but good, healthy or amazing.

What about this cycle of weight blaming and self-loathing: May I recklessly interrupt this cycle of measuring your worth upon your shape, size and weight. And please don’t get me wrong. I think you are a total superstar for embarking on this mission of change. Change is breathtakingly rejuvenating and totally necessary if you are not feeling wonderful within your gorgeous self. If you are not feeling strong, fit and in control of your magnificent life. Losing weight and changing your body composition can be for sure an important part of it. But how would it be, if you changed your focus and in doing so your self-talk. How different could your journey be if you put all the emphasis on your health and well-being and on how, with every day that is going by, you are feeling more empowered. Your hair is so much stronger and shinier, your skin has started to totally out-glow itself, your eyes have never had more sparkle, and your nails have started to become one of your favourite and prettiest assets.

How about self-love and acceptance as a starting point of empowering re-focus: Maybe being open to really observing all the amazing stages of your impressive transformation without limiting your gorgeous self to your size and weight, will unlock your key of unlimited motivation and success? We all know that change takes time and does not come easy nor overnight. It is scary and uncomfortable to venture out of your comfort zone, out of what you know so well and have practiced for too long. Loathing yourself on top of it for all the wrong reasons is not going to get you through this. However, noticing all the big and little changes that are happening…all the things that you are making possible for yourself, totally and gloriously are.

You are not your body shape, size or weight – the beginning of a true love story: So, next time you catch yourself staring at those ugly dimples in your thighs, at your belly that is soft and not flat or your flabby arms that far too big for your liking, take a big breath and change your story. Ask your mirror on the wall who is this amazing woman who is feeling more energised, vibrant and healthy by the day? Who is this total heroine whose joints are less achy, whose steps have regained their sporty spring and who is relying on fewer coffee and sugar hits to get her through her busy days?

Unleash the goddess within you: Embracing the goddess within you and wholeheartedly accepting and loving yourself does not come as easy as it sounds. Especially not if you have not much practice in it. But it for sure is a game changer and replenishes you with energy to stay strong and on track, so, you can fiercely, and wildly determined, smash those goals of yours. You are so much more than your size or what you believe your physical defaults are. The fact that you are doing this and are changing what does not feel right, is all that counts, the rest will follow, I give you my absolute word on this!  If you can focus on your journey, observing all those little steps of change along the way and smother yourself with acceptance and kindness, there is nothing that can hold you back. Gorgeous, I have no doubt at all, you will arrive where you have always wanted to be, and this sooner than you think it possible and those skinny thighs will come as a pleasant benefit!

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