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"A Compassionate Holistic Coach

Navigating stage 4 cancer is a challenging and transformative journey that tests your physical, emotional, and mental resilience. It is like a tumultuous roller coaster ride, filled by unforeseen turns, intense physical discomfort, and profound psychological implications.

Amidst this storm, I found a beacon of hope and support in Ruth. Her expertise and empathy have been instrumental in guiding me through these trying times.

Ruth’s holistic approach went beyond mere nutritional advice; it was a lifeline that helped me understand and embrace the changes my body and mind were undergoing. With her guidance, I learned to nourish myself in ways that supported my treatment and recovery, fostering strength not just in body, but in spirit as well.

Moreover, her support extended to the emotional upheavals in my personal life. Battling cancer is a lonely endeavor, and the emotional turmoil in my relationship only compounded the struggle. Yet, she stood by me, offering a listening ear and gentle counsel that helped me find clarity and peace amidst the chaos.

I am deeply grateful for Ruth’s unwavering support, compassionate care, and the personalized attention she has dedicated to my health. Her wisdom has been a guiding star in my darkest nights, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking a partner in their health journey."

Lorie TesnyLorie TesnySailing Through Life

"I chose to work with Ruth because I wanted to learn more about my body type and how I could heal my body from the inside out.
Ruth is extremely supportive and encouraging. In her coaching sessions she creates a safe and loving space that allows you to be open & vulnerable.

I am really pleased I decided to work with Ruth as I needed some guidance with my nutritional and lifestyle habits. I find her work not only greatly benefits my health and wellbeing but also my partner's.

I highly recommend Ruth's services to anyone who is looking to change their health and wellbeing from the inside out."

Nicola SapsfordNicola SapsfordLeadership Consultant

"Ruth certainly keeps to her promise with what she can offer to help you achieve the best version of yourself.  After a free introductory session that was extremely informative, I was still unsure whether to sign up to the course.  Ruth was clearly an expert in her field, but I wondered did I or could I follow the Ayurveda practices she described.  Before that I couldn’t even pronounce Ayurveda never mind adhere to any sort of lifestyle!

Anyhow after feeling sluggish and bloated for some time I threw caution to the wind and signed up.  The step by step format made it appealing and more achievable.

After committing we were guided through the health systems and ways to optimise yourself.  Soo much to learn and realise and often simple and straight forward.

I had a false start with the cleanse but successfully completed one the second time round.  The support from Ruth was always gentle and felt easy.  Afterwards people commented that I was glowing. 

As a family we have adopted many of these principles and I firmly believe it was a catalyst for our overall health and wellbeing."

Sinead McCarthySinead McCarthyNurse

"A little while back I had a serious health scare. I had to go through multiple rounds of chemo and wanted to support my body on every level as well as I could. Someone who is close to my heart and whom I trust referred me to Ruth back then.

From the very beginning Ruth always listened closely to everything I shared with her and asked just the right questions to be able to help me support my body with what it needed.

Whatever new implementations to my daily life were suggested by Ruth, I felt like I was introduced at just the right pace to never feel overwhelmed.

I feel very at ease working with Ruth. She shares her knowledge freely and honestly without trying to push anything on me.

In working with Ruth, I have gained knowledge and tools (healthy foods and recipes, breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, etc.), which will help me nurture my body, mind and spirit now and in the future.

Ruth has given me wonderful support during my journey of healing and recovery. I’m endlessly grateful that she came into my life when she did!"

Desiree StahlDesiree StahlFull Time Mum

"Ruth is nothing short of remarkable. Her intuition is unparalleled, and she invests the time to authentically understand each individual and their unique requirements. What truly sets Ruth apart is her remarkable ability to tune into the inner workings of the body, unraveling blocked energies with ease.

Since commencing my journey with Ruth, my health has undergone a profound transformation. I've transitioned from a state of high stress and chaos to one of calmness, consciousness, and alignment. Ruth's guidance isn't just about surface-level wellness; it's also about nurturing the inner being and reclaiming personal power.

Under Ruth's guidance, I've learned to decipher the intricate language of my body, she empowers her clients to align their body, heart, and mind, creating a harmonious synergy that's truly transformative. Even amidst the challenges of cancer treatment, Ruth provided unwavering support, guiding me towards self-love and profound energetic healing.

For anyone seeking a holistic transformation, Ruth is your ultimate guide. She possesses a rare gift, akin to that of a health magician, capable of unlocking boundless vitality from within. With Ruth's by your side, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation, a transformation that transcends more than just physical wellness"

Katrina GallKatrina GallEntrepreneur

"Initially, I had concerns that the suggestions you would make might not fit my lifestyle. I was afraid that the recipes might be complicated and that I would need ingredients that I would never use again.

However, I was positively surprised by how easy it ultimately was.

Your Four-Day Clean Program really did me good. It was not only unusual but also simple and tasty, and already after the first day, I felt my sense of body changing. After the four days, I felt like I wanted to keep going. I felt good and had a pleasant gut feeling. I felt so pure, both physically and mentally.

I especially appreciated the opportunity to report to you daily about my successes and the emotions associated with them, as well as your support via WhatsApp. I would wholeheartedly recommend your coaching. Your expertise and empathy were exactly what I needed. You tailored the program to me and my needs, so I didn't have to bend myself.

I believe anyone who feels uncomfortable should get in touch with you. Once again, I realized how extensive your knowledge of body and soul is.

Thank you very much, dear Ruth, for this four-day coaching, which I will gladly recommend."

Natascha GriesingerNatascha GriesingerHypnotherapist

"I had no hesitation in working with Ruth as gaining her knowledge and guidance on social media gave me the confidence to trust in Ruth's guidance and support to get the right solutions.

The results I gained included weight loss, a wonderful balance in my body feeling lighter, an understanding of the Ayurvedic principles that have been creating a need for my food addiction and finally, cutting down my negative habits of drinking too much coffee and eating potato chips.

Working with Ruth was enjoyable because every week we had the opportunity to see the progress and thus her caring guidance and listening skills gave me the comfort that my problems would be given the right solutions.

I would definitely recommend Ruth's services to anyone who needs to gain the right balance of mind, body and soul and anyone who would benefit from her nutrition knowledge and ayurvedic guidance.

I would have no hesitation in contacting Ruth again for her coaching guidance and experience.

The most important thing of working with Ruth is her passion, guidance, knowledge, experience, personal story and how she gives 110% focus in giving you the right solution.

Thank you so much Ruth"

Yanni Charalambous Yanni Charalambous Life & Mindset Coach
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