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SOS-2016-flat-belly workout

(bodyweight; difficulty from beginner to advanced; with low impact options)

HERE IT IS!!!!  Your feel-good, beach-body-flat-abs and gain-inner-strength-core workout. This is exactly what we need after the festive season work off all that delicious Xmas food. As you know, it is impossible to spot reduce, so in order to trim and flatten your stomach area, it is important to include some form of cardio into your workouts. I have chosen cardio moves that will work on strengthening and toning your beautiful muscles, making it a killer burn workout with maximum fat burn. Even though I specifically designed it with the main emphasis on working your belly area, it will at also tone and strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest, back, leg and glutes muscles.

So let’s get this started: put your nicest active-wear gear on and let’s do it. You know you will feel so much better afterwards.

25 sec of active work on 10 sec of active rest in plank position on elbows

This is an ABAB style workout, repeat each exercise 4 times (so you are going for a total of 8 rounds)


Set 1:

A: Switch-lunge jump with hands on the ground to come up on standing leg and do front kick with other leg (punch arms in front while kicking your leg up)

To modify walk your switch lunges instead of jumping them, to further modify do a back lunge arms come to the front and then do your front kick with arms coming overhead

IMG_0525 IMG_0530

B: Mountain-climbers straight (try to bring knees through your goal posts that you are creating with upper body)

To modify walk the mountain climbers instead of running or jumping them


Set 2:

A: From high plank lower yourself fully down onto your stomach (squeeze elbows in to activate triceps) into superman position (arms and legs lift off the ground) then come back into a high plank (to advance this further power up – lift hands and feet completely off ground –

To modify leave the power up out


B: Squat jumps

To modify leave the jump out and simply do squats


Set 3:

A: X-lunge to side leg raise

IMG_0546 IMG_0551

B: Shuffle across (lateral) with legs in half squat position and then perform a half burpee(hands are on the ground thrust your legs out and back into your core, no push-up, no jump up)

To modify instead of jumping the half burpee walk it down, out and back in, come up and shuffle across

IMG_0555 IMG_0561 IMG_0563

Set 4

A: In boat position criss-cross your legs (l+r = 1 rep) and then bend legs and tap heels in 90 degree angle on the ground, repeat, have your hands overhead

To modify have hands beside you or to further modify have fingertips slightly on the ground to stabilize your back

IMG_0565 IMG_0568

B: Long jump forward and then come into high plank position and do 4 mountain climbers across (opposite knee to opposite elbow) then long jump back + repeat mountain climbers across

IMG_0606 IMG_0608

To modify do high knees instead of long jump and walk mountain climbers instead of jumping them


Set 5:

A: In a high side plank position lift leg up and back down and then kick to front (bring same side hand at the same time forward so you can touch foot as you kick), to advance have the hand that is not planking overhead when you are lifting up, repeat (after holding the plank for 10 seconds repeat on other side)

To modify have hand that is not holding the side plank at your waist. To modify further leave one knee on the ground to stabilize)

IMG_0578 IMG_0580

B: Squat to Star Jumps

To modify do Jumping Jacks or just alternating side taps while hands come overhead)


Set 6:

A: From reverse curl (on back lift butt off ground with control) come onto feet into crouching position (it is completely fine to use your hands here to help yourself up) and come over into a plank position. Come onto knees and do a modified push up.

IMG_0588 IMG_0593 IMG_0597

B: High Knees

To modify do alternating knee lifts

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