Smart New Year’s Goal Setting

Here it is: 2018. The new year is lying in front of you in all its glory and untouched magic…everything is still possible…There are 365 blank, pure, innocent-looking days in your new year that are only waiting to be filled by you with everything your heart truly desires. But where to start??? Your head is buzzing with so many different goals and dreams. And how will you be able to translate them into a smashing success and make them reality instead of forever keep chasing them.

Here are my top tips on how not to fall victim of setting beautiful New Year’s resolutions that are all too impossible to achieve. This year I want for you to set clear cut goals that you are able to convert into satisfying personal triumphs.

  1. Set your goal carefully

For you to be able to carry through with your set plan and bring about those New Year’s contemplations within the next 365 days, it is of high importance that you set your goals very carefully and wisely. I have learnt the hard way that you will only make room and prioritise those objectives that are truly meaningful and have great urgency in your busy life. This means do not attempt to aim for anything you know you should do but which has no major impact on your here and now. Trust me. There are a million more pressing things in your life that you need to attend to on a daily basis than hunting after should do’s and likelihood will have it that you are simply too busy to enact any of these pretty but not urgent enough New Year’s Resolutions of yours. So, choose something you want to change because it annoys you daily; because it is right in your face today, tomorrow and the day after; because it makes your life less happy, less liveable, less complete; because you know you are not truly living up to your full potential and the realisation of this is killing you. Replace your ‘should’ with an all empowering ‘I will’ and you are ready to meet those burning destinations of yours!!!


  1. Be SMART.

Now that you have set your goal in a way that makes it urgent enough for you to also prioritise it, you are off to a very promising start. But wait, there is more to all this. You want to go all the way. You want to shout your amazing successes from all the rooftops come 2019: “I totally did it!!!” So, what you need next is a strong, skilful and SMARTT master plan. It is time for you to go into the nitty-gritty of your goal designing and add to it powerful action steps that little by little bring you closer to your set intention. While this new journey of change and transformation you have embarked on is truly beautiful, it is also very easy to get lost in it. Stay on track by following the following trail signs:

  1. S – Be specific about your aim. If you goal in 2018 is for example weight loss, think about what is it that you truly want from losing weight and find out your why you desire to lose the weight. Is it so you feel more energised and vibrant, so you can better keep up with your children, so you can burst with health and radiate your youthful glow, or is it simply because you are fed up with not feeling confident, happy and beautiful within your own, stunning skin?
  2. M – Then contemplate ways on how you can possibly find ways to follow and measure your changes. Being aware of and able to truly observe and notice your step-by-step transformations is your best motivation to keep you on tracks even when your journey goes uphill and those awful cravings and temptations struck.
  3. A – Avoid by all means unnecessary disappointment and setting yourself up for failure by formulating objectives that are not achievable. In terms of weight-loss this means, losing 3-4 kilos in 2 months is a powerful, positive and healthful goal that you are not only very likely to smash but that also promises not to not backfire in terms of dreaded yo-yo effects.
  4. R – In similar but different terms, yes, I want you to reach for the stars…but I want you to do so, in a way you are also staying strongly grounded on earth…that is keep your intentions realistic. If you are a working mum, it is completely unrealistic to work out 5 times the week and go on a family-unfriendly eating plan that is super complicated and demands lots of prep work.
  5. T – Your last sign post showing you the right direction is all about you describing your ambitions with regards to time. Where will you be with your goal in one month from here? What will you have achieved after 3? What does your half-way mark look like?



  1. Hold yourself accountable to your goals

Even with a powerful, clear-cut goal, the best intentions and tons of enthusiasms it can become all too tricky to continue venturing on this journey of change. Let’s be honest, if it was easy, we would have already done it a long time ago. Truth is, changing your habits and achieving real transformation is hard work. To help you through times when nerves are running thin, and your life is undergoing more crazy waves of up and down than usual, get yourself some powerful helpers on board to hold you accountable to your success. These guys are your utmost important VIP crew and it will be their job to ensure that you are staying on top of the best, most determined you. Also, tell everyone who wants to hear it – or not – what you have decided to do in 2018. Let them know how you are going to go about this and ask them for their support. Urge them to check in with you on a weekly or fortnightly basis on how you are tracking in your wild world of change. It is my experience that most friends, co-workers, family members love to help, to give back to you and get involved into something that will make you feel amazing. Often this even sets the ground for connecting on different, deeper levels with each other and may allow your accountability coach to embark on a transformative journey of their own.


So, what are you still waiting for? Make some me-time to get clear on your goals, reach out to your bestie, sister or your daughter’s best friend’s mum and start filling in all those white pages of 2018. Hold on tight as your glorious story of lots and lots of little transformative master strokes towards being this best, most fulfilled version of yourself unfolds. While this journey might not be easy, it is one of the most empowering and rewarding ones and before you know it, you will be turning back the pages and cannot believe that you totally did it!

Yes YOU. You are on. It is time to get real and make your magic happen!!! In case you were not aware of this: 2018 is totally your year!




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