My Meal Plan

Here is an example of my weekly meal plan if you need some ideas or inspiration.


Luke-warm fresh lemon water upon rising (every morning)

Breakfast: Breakfast smoothie – pick one from the list and maybe add some quinoa, teff or buckwheat to make it more substantial.

Snack: handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, macademia or brazil nuts)

Lunch: Homemade bread (grain free) with avocado, cucumber, sprouts and lettuce

Afternoon snack: banana-coconut muesli bar

Dinner: Lentils, eggs, zucchini noodles, and salad with roasted vegetables


Breakfast: Quick baked beans

Morning snack: small piece of fruit

Lunch: Quick vegetable soup or my delicious green mash

Afternoon snack: green smoothie

Dinner: Vegetable burgers and salad (optional add small portion of quinoa)


Breakfast: choc berry chia pudding

Morning snack: vegetable sticks and hummus

Lunch: Lettuce burgers with green beans with dulse leaves + small leftover salad

Afternoon snack: slice of vegetable bread

Dinner: Vegetable Dahl with brown and red rice and green salad


Breakfast: Breakfast salad

Morning snack: seeded bar

Lunch: Fried leftover turmeric rice with vegetables (onion, bok choy, courgette, carotte, tomato)

Afternoon snack: bowl of Greek or coconut yoghurt with frozen berries or bowl of coconut kefir

Dinner: Salmon, detox salad and sweet potato wedges


Breakfast: Quick granola

Morning snack: rice cake with avocado and lettuce

Lunch: Salad with egg, tined salmon or sardines, and rinsed cannellini or kidney beans (if you can get your hands on black ones, go for black ones)

Afternoon snack: pepita + sunflower seeds and shredded coconut (unsweetened)

Dinner: Vegetable Curry with crunchy green salad and multi-coloured quinoa


Breakfast: soul nurturing porridge

Morning tea: kale chips or roasted chickpeas

Lunch: Brown Rice Paper Rolls or Quinoa Sushi

Afternoon tea: hot chai chocolate

Dinner: Crunchy tofu bites with rainbow – salad


Breakfast: pancakes with chia seed jam

Morning tea: cup of special green tea (eg matcha)

Lunch: Vegetable tofu skewers (with leftover tofu) and small salad

Afternoon tea: zucchini hummus with raw vegetable sticks

Dinner: Sunday night pizza (gluten free, dairy free) with salad

Herbal teas, warm filtered water, fresh lemon water (with or without apple cider vinegar)

Special treats

Hot chai chocolate

Home-made chocolate

Home-made dark chocolate cake

Coconut ice-cream

Frozen smoothie delights

Home-made muesli bars and breads

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