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Quick overall body toning workout that boosts your metabolism and all those happy hormones

This quick workout tones your chest, shoulders, core, glutes and legs while it also fires up your metabolism. And, best of all, it takes only 10-20 minutes out of your busy day.I also give you a-no-boredom-guarantee on this one. So there are really no excuses my gorgeous friends. Let’s get your beautiful body moving!!!

There are 2 different exercises to the entire workout which you will be doing for 25 seconds and then have a quick break of 10 seconds. You will be following this ratio for 8 rounds before you go on to your second exercise. The first one is a combo move that is made up of three parts.

You will be staring with a 1 legged push-up. My advanced people on their toes please and my beginners on 1 knee please.


You will then perform a toe touch. Bring your leg that was off the ground (or for my beginners the knee that on the ground) towards your opposite hand and perform a toe touch on 1 arm 1 leg (if this is too challenging for my beginners, feel free to leave both hands on the ground and just kick your knee across).


You will finish this exercise with a 1 leg thrust or for my beginners a 1 leg knee tuck. You will put your hand back down onto the ground, bring your foot straight back and out and jump with the standing foot into your hands as far as you can and back out (for my beginners or a low-impact version please bring your foot back as in the advanced version but instead of jumping in and out with the other foot, simply kick the same side where foot was coming across in towards your chest).


Do as many repetitions of this move as you possibly can in your working time – be sure not to compromise your form. If you feel you are getting too tired, slow down and rather stay with clean and controlled movements throughout the rest of your set.

Your second exercise will be either switch-lunge jumps if you are feeling particularly energised today and want to go for your most advanced and full impact version or simply alternating lunges if you are having knee problems or any other injuries that make this low impact version a much better option for you.


If you are still of beans after those two rounds, feel free to repeat the first exercise or depending on how much time you have got available even both of them. Most important of all, be sure to stick to good form, full range of movement and have fun with it. You know you will feel amazing after this, so what are you still waiting for?!!!!


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