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Did you know that there is one amazing super-power to enhance your beauty, improve your health and boost your energy levels? Would you believe that this power is so strong it can reduce your risk of most chronic diseases enormously and rejuvenate you by years? Were you aware of the fact that this miraculous ingredient to good health, longevity and youthful glamour is insanely inexpensive and does not have to take up a lot of your time either? I caught your attention, didn’t I? You are in, you totally want a piece of this deliciously healthy cake. So where can you get your piece of this enriching elixir of life? Here comes the good part, it is already within you, it now is only a matter of grabbing it with both hands and committing to your health-promoting opportunity of a life time.

Let me share with you the facts of this all astounding and so powerful force that lies slumbering within you because it is my deepest desire that you all uncover the best of what is given to you and live not only up to your full potential but also a long, happy, healthy life.

Here is what REGULAR MOVEMENT can do for you too. Let me share with you my one all-mighty super-power with 10 amazing benefits:

  1. REGULAR MOVEMENT reduces the risk of chronic disease and adds years to your life

Research totally backs me up on this one. Nothing can beat a good workout, repeated regularly, when it comes to preventing chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, hormonal issues, asthma or chronic fatigue. You name it. If this sounds too good to be true, there is more: regular exercise is your best prevention of high blood pressure, depression and anxiety too.

  1. REGULAR MOVEMENT helps you naturally to stay the best version of yourself by keeping unhealthy weight-gain in check

I don’t want you to fall in the unhealthy trap of exercising mainly to bust those calories. Our bodies don’t work this way and instead of developing a love affair with your exercise routine and your body, it all feels more like punishment. But I do want you to know that regular movement is a wonderful way of being more in tune with your body and those cues of satiety and hunger. Plus, regular exercise can boost your metabolism and stimulate your ability to burn fat easier.

  1. REGULAR MOVEMENT makes you happy

There is no better feeling than the flying high after a good run. To me anyway. Life is full of challenges and dares. I can only speak for myself but I know that I would not have been able to live up to everything existence has been dishing out for me – not in such a positive, constructive way anyway – if it was not for my secret weapon of unleashing all those happy endorphins one workout at a time.

  1. REGULAR MOVEMENT is like a mini-spa treatment for your skin – leaving you with an irresistible after-glow

All without paying one cent extra. Upping your heart rate, does not only improve your cardiovascular health but it also stimulates overall blood circulation. This will help to flush out trapped dirt and debris from your skin and improves your skin’s ability of taking in nourishing nutrients. In its beautifully natural own way, this will keep your skin looking rejuvenated and young by producing more collagen.

  1. REGULAR MOVEMENT gives your brain a little turbo-boost

Choosing to nurture yourself with repetitive movement is not all about vanity and chasing after any weird beauty ideals. Definitely not for me. It is so much more than that. Continuous exercise boosts memory, the ability to focus better and think more clearly and efficiently. Anyone else out there who has made the unwanted experience of how brain fog can interfere with being your most productive self? The solution is simple and quick. Do 20 jumping jacks, treat yourself to some memory boosting push-ups, high knees or even just a quick walk around the building or the next corner!

  1. REGULAR MOVEMENT is like a warm hug to your self-esteem

We all know how not feeling good about your self and throwing some serious negative self-talk at your temporarily not so amazed self, can do more harm than good. The result often is that we go into total rebel mode and do all the things we know are not good for us to somehow proof to ourselves how unworthy we are. Well, exercise won’t put up with all this negative sh*t. It will put you right in place by equipping you with the perfect dose of ‘I can do this’, ‘I am worthy’, ‘I am not perfect but more than enough’ vibes.

  1. REGULAR MOVEMENT is your best natural energiser

You might have tried to stay on top of your energetic game by doubling up on caffeine. You might have also noticed: this did not bring the wanted result of a more energised you. Instead of perking up you simply became more nervous and got the jitters. Well, all I am saying, you should have exercised. Making your favourite workouts part of your daily routine will supply you with tons of extra energy you did not even know you had within me. Talking about being just another one of these superwomen…

  1. REGULAR MOVEMENT promotes deep healing sleep

Truth is that while we get busier, more stressed and hooked to our electric devices we get more and more sleep deprived. Almost 90% of Australians suffer from one or the other sleeping disorder. Not being able to experience deep healing sleep or not sleeping enough, however, has been linked to heart disease, obesity, chronic inflammation, depression, decreased immune function, depression, anxiety and diabetes. Need any more convincing how super important your good night’s rest is to our physical and mental health? It is during slumber land that all of our blood vessels and cells undergo deep restorative healing and our brain gets the chance to recuperate and make some sense of it all. Without our nightly restorative pamper session, we are nothing more than a big tired mess.

  1. REGULAR MOVEMENT is your most effective stress buster

As our stress levels surge, so do our statistics of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, depression, memory and concentration problems or digestive issues. Not really a coincidence. The more our intrinsic factory of hormones goes out of whack, the more we are subject to attracting one or the other of the above mentioned not-so-cuties. Soaring, prolonged cortisol levels result in lowered immunity and increased systemic inflammation, leaving us in a very exposed and vulnerable state. Yuk. While you have probably very little influence on your crazy world which spikes your stress levels, you can direct how your body reacts to all of the daily hay-wire. And guess what, yes your daily exercise routine is officially considered as one of the most efficient and quickest ways to help your body deal with all this stress better and keep your cortisol levels in check.

  1. REGULAR MOVEMENT keeps your body flexible, strong and fit

I know this is the least surprising of all facts but this does not make it less wonderful. As most of us are well aware of: as we age, our muscle tissue wastes away, our ability and sense of balance and coordination decreases and our heart and blood vessels are more than ever prone to get caught up in some cloggy congestions. All of this resulting in us being more vulnerable to injury and debilitating disease. But it does not have to be this way. We can defy our biological age. We luckily live at a time where we have all the luxury and tools to nourish our bodies with movements that improve our range of motion, make our bones and muscles stronger and boost our overall cardiovascular health and fitness: Making us strong and apt to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life.


Are you still in? Do I still have your commitment of uncovering the best, healthiest, happiest and most gorgeous  version of  YOU by moving daily? Then it is time to rewrite your plan for the day and make your new rejuvenating habit fit into your busy life. In addition, I want you to embrace the possibility that you could actually fall in love with your new life-style. Make a start by viewing your active appointment with your beautiful self as an act of self-compassion and self-nurture. Do you remember how amazing it felt to run through the fields as a child? How invigorated all your sports games made you feel? How much energy you had after working up a great sweat? Tap into those happy memories and go back to nurturing the fit goddess within you with forms of movement that you love, bring the best out in you and are right for your very individual body. Lastly, feel how lucky you are that you actually have everything you need to be able to move your body regularly. Not everyone on this planet might be as lucky as you and I are in terms of being able to move all of your body freely. The more you genuinely feel this, the more you will re-discover your sweaty joy when exercising. Now it is your time to shine and to unleash your fit, strong self!!!

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