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Metabolism-boosting, feel-good and look-even-better-workout

Metabolism-boosting, feel-good and look-even-better-workout

Are you feeling unhappy with your body, sluggish and in need for a good workout that gets you back on track and melts your fat away? No worries I’ve got you covered with this metabolism-boosting, feel-good and look-even-better-HIIT-workout.

As you all know I am a big fan of HIIT workouts because they are just so very effective in such a short amount of time which is the perfect workout for us mums that are always time poor and with 101 things on their to-do-lists.

This beginner to intermediate workout is great for fat loss, overall-body toning and tightening, to get your heart right-up and burn tons of calories as well as to work against those signs of aging (sigh:-() this will result in  rejuvenating your gorgeous body from inside out. Not to forget that it is lots of fun and keeps those brain cells engaged (bye-bye Alzheimer’s) and will boost all those feel-good hormones :-).

All you need is your beautiful self, a mat or towel and two 2-3 kg DBs or water-bottles, your timer or phone and H2O for yourself. Enjoy :-).

-Take at least 5 min to warm up (easy jog, jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, shoulder circles, walk into easy push up on knees and back, knee-drives etc). The workout will work all of the different muscle groups in your body from chest, shoulders, lower and upper back to the front and back of your arms as well as the front, back and sides of your legs, glutes and of course your core muscles. Be sure to have fun with it:-).

– Set your timer to 25 sec of work and 10 sec of rest for 8 rounds. This workout will include 4 different sets.

  1. set: knee-push-up to plank + 1 arm comes off and drives elbow in body-weighted row up, back into knee push-up repeat on other side
  2. set: static lunge + overhead press to front kick + triceps kickback
  3. set: 1 leg dead-lift + front punch out and leg kick-back to come back up on 1 leg bicep curl + side leg raise
  4. 5x squat jumps + 6x mountain climbers  repeat

– Take at least 5 min to stretch down your back, legs, glutes,  chest, shoulder, arm and neck muscles.

For more information regarding HIIT or any type of training you would like to delve into please contact me and I can custom develop a program for you with your first discounted.

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