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Healthy-Licious book

Fall in love with a whole new YOU!

Get ready for your total body transformation that you’ve always known was possible – born on the wings of self-love, nurtured by delicious, healthy whole foods, and powered by your body-in-motion.

  • Do you feel confused and overwhelmed by the hundreds of diets and food programs that promise miracles and deliver disappointments?
  • Are you weary of restrictive meal plans, yo-yo dieting and punishing workouts that foster feelings of guilt and not self-love?
  • Do you want to understand what drives your cravings and learn why they’re not your fault?
  • Are you ready to embrace a lifestyle where your gut instinct is actually trustworthy and totally the smartest voice at the table?
  • Are you curious to discover how truly delicious whole foods are and how easy it is to turn them into magical meals for you and the whole family?
  • Do you want some simple I-can-do-that! strategies that make a lifestyle makeover totally possible (even in the midst of the chaos, called life)?

If you answered YES even once, then you’re in the right place, and this is the RIGHT book for you, right now!

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