Why diets are not sustainable and how to go about successful and sustainable long-term weight-loss?

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Have you also had enough of restricting your calories , depriving yourself and following one fat diet after the other, just to find you are falling off the wagon again. Somehow you can’t seem  to stick to this way of eating longer than a few weeks or months because you are feeling more and more grumpy and unsatisfied. Are you experiencing stronger and stronger cravings for those foods you are not trying to have? Eventually you give up and go back to your normal diet just to find that now you are putting on even more weight than before!!!

Sounds familiar.  Don’t despair…if it is of any consolation you are not alone with this, and what you were trying to do was actually bound to fail from the very moment you were starting your new wonder diet. Not because you were not determined enough or because you are not strong enough but simply because going on a diet implies that eventually you will have to go off it again. It means that you are doing something that is not sustainable on the long term and yes, once you stop doing it your body will of course bounce back. But this time it will do this more vigorously because it has been falsely led to believe that there is some sort of famine going around and to brace itself it has become very efficient in using its calories and down-regulating its metabolism.

So how to break this cycle of yo-yo dieting and how can you go about long-term and sustainable weight loss? The bad news: there is no magic pill or shake that you can just swallow and the kilos will fall and stay off you. The good news losing weight successfully and for good is so much easier and more fun than you think. The secret to long-term and sustainable weight loss is to nourish your precious body with real, fresh wholefoods. With foods that are full of vibrant, health boosting nutrients and antioxidants such as loads of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, legumes and healthy fats. It also means to avoid foods that have been stripped off those benefits and are thus adding nothing than empty calories to your plate such as white flours, unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners and sugar. Packaged foods and foods with a long ingredient list do nothing to keep your engine going . Nourishing your beautiful bodies with healthy vibrant fresh foods instead however, leaves you feeling satisfied, balanced and full of energy. And as for the pleasure and fun part: there is no reason not to re-invent all those comfort foods that you love so much.  It feels amazing and liberating to being able to enjoy those healthy treats without any guilt but knowing that you are actually doing the opposite and are eating yourself beautiful which makes this way of eating so sustainable.

Everyone is different and finding out what works for you can take some time and patience, I would love to introduce you to easy ways to have sustainable weight loss.  Please email me for more information on many tips and tricks to vibrant health.

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