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Yoga PT-Fusion


Don't just dream about it. Become the most glowing, vibrant and Zen version of yourself!

Energized, strong and balanced

My sessions include a mixture of slimming, metabolism-boosting, toning and functional strengthening movement as well as lengthening stretches to ensure you get the best of both, the world of fitness and yoga, with quick results.

My main focus will lie on strengthening your core, to keep your spine flexible and your joints supple. I believe that your body is your sacred home and that it needs to be nurtured and treated with love accordingly.

My sessions mirror my holistic approach of bringing mind, body and soul in glowing, feel-good harmony.

Each session is tailored to your particular needs and goals (stress good-bye and trouble zones here we come), I will meet you at your level of fitness or yoga and no one session will be the same.

Yoga-PT 1:1

60 min AUD 150 per session

(price only valid if purchased in a package of 10 sessions with monthly payment options)

Each session is created with love to fit your personal needs and goals. It will contain Pranayama, meditation and a flow of asanas as well as strength-building movements constructed to leave your body, mind and soul strong, vibrant, supple, calm and balanced.

Yoga-PT 1:1

30min AUD 75 per person

(if purchased in a package of 10 sessions, with monthly payment options available)

For anyone who is after a personalized approach in their journey towards a healthier, happier and more balanced self but is very short on time and wants to focus on certain areas in their health & fitness journey one session at a time.

Special Offers

FIRST Yoga-PT-Fusion session of 30 minutes for FREE
(An opportunity to discover how good it feels to nurture your body, soul and mind with love without any commitment)

Refer a FRIEND train for FREE
(valid for 1 session with 1 friend at a time)

Ready to be energized, strong and fabulous?

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