Rebalance Your Life, Body & Mind

Let me help you transform your body and life from the inside out.

This is my signature program and it is designed to help you transform your body and life from the inside out. I will empower you to energise, balance, rejuvenate and destress your soul, body and mind and show you how fabulous healthy living feels and tastes.

What you will learn

You will learn which foods nourish your individual self best and sharpen your innate body wisdom of how much is enough. You will fall back in love with your goddess self and how to take care of your precious body, mind and soul with kindness. I will also empower you to take back control over your cravings and different forms of hunger without depriving yourself. We will explore that eating yourself beautiful is the funnest adventure you will ever embark on and that eating healthy-licious foods is anything but boring or restrictive. Together we will go on a journey of uncovering what has holding you back to live up to your full potential and how you can make long-lasting, sustainable changes, so you can be happier, more vibrant and the best version of yourself. We will turbocharge your metabolism and make sure your digestive system and microbiom are working at their best again. In general, our focus will be on creating balance within your physical, mental & emotional self, and in doing so rebalance your life. In this program I am combining latest research with ancient wisdom when it comes to boosting your body`s self-healing methanisms.  The 3-months version is for you if you have already embarked on your journey of healthy-living and eating but are in need of further support, guidance and encouragement to reach your goals. The 6-months version of this program is for you, if you want to make sustainable long lasting changes to your life, body and mind by getting to the root cause of what`s been holding you back from reaching your goals and living your best life. The 12-months version of this program is for you if you would like to go about your inner & outer transformation with the best support you can imagine because you are currently having an unhealthy relationship with your body & mind which shows up in a lot of exhaustion, distress and imbalance in your life.

What you get:

  • 1x 75-minute set-yourself-up-for-success session*
  • Weekly 60-minute Nutrition & Health Coaching sessions for the duration of the program – except for the first and last week where instead you have your set-yourself-up-for-success and wrap-up session  (can include pantry overhaul, virtual or in person shopping tour, learning how to read labels, optimizing your gut health, learning how to eat mindfully, breaking up with sugar, virtual or in person cooking session and so much more)*
  • In depth follow-up coaching session emails
  • If applicable Yoga-PT-Fusion sessions (tailored to your individual needs and goals)*
  • Lots and lots of new healthy-licious recipes that will re-ignite your love of whipping up a delicious, nutritious meal
  • A wealth of healthy living hacks, tips, routines and practices where I combine latest research with Eastern philosophies
  • De-stressing techniques such as EFT, Pranayama, mindfulness & meditation
  • Unlimited email and WhatsApp coaching support during the course of the program
  • 1x 60-minute wrap-up session*

* via Zoom unless differently agreed

AUD 1000

Per Month (3 Months Total)

AUD 800

Per Month (6 Months Total)

AUD 600

Per Month (12 Months Total)

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