ITHRIVE 6-Week Reset Package

Let me give you a taste of a new world: energised and healthy living!

This program is designed to help you get started on kicking those bad habits that prevent you from feeling your best and most vibrant self. I will give you a taste of a new world: energised and healthy living! Together we will discover how healthy-licious eating and living as well as falling in love with taking great care of your beautiful self can change your life.

 Warning: once you have tasted how crazily fabulous you were designed to feel, you might not want to go back to your old self and ways!

What you will learn

If you are feeling tired, sluggish, stressed, are struggling with weight issues and don’t know where to start to change all this, but cannot commit to one of my signature programs, then this introductory version is for you. In this 6-week program I will give you a taster on how good it feels to start rebalancing your body, mind & life & help you understand the root causes of your imbalances.

What you get:

  • 1x 75-minute set-yourself-up-for-success session*
  • Weekly 60-minute Nutrition & Health Coaching sessions for 4 weeks (can include pantry overhaul, virtual or in person shopping tour, learning how to read labels, optimizing your gut health, learning how to eat mindfully, breaking up with sugar, virtual or in person cooking session and so much more)*
  • 6x in depth follow-up coaching session emails
  • Lots and lots of new and healthy recipes that will re-ignite your love of whipping up a delicious, nutritious meals
  • Unlimited email & WhatsApp coaching supportduring the course of the program
  • A wealth of healthy living hacks, tips, routines and practices where I combine the best of the latest research with ancient wisdom
  • Yoga & PT inspired movement if applicable
  • De-stressing techniques such as EFT, meditation & Pranayama
  • 1x 60-minute wrap-up session*

* via Zoom unless differently agreed

AUD 1800


AUD 900


AUD 600


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