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Kind Words

Kind Words

Don't just take my word for it, hear from my amazing, fit, strong and fabulous clients!

As a person that has never exercised in my life, I found Ruth’s exercise program very physically beneficial to me.  I noticed that I had more energy when working and when I went hiking in Africa, I noted that my body was stronger and able to cope better.  I did find the sessions challenging however, afterwards I felt proud of my efforts.  I also found the health coaching sessions beneficial, especially in regards to teaching me how to cook e.g. Ruth’s delicious green mash.  Ruth gave constant progress feedback and helped me to work on a healthy mind, body and soul.  I appreciate all her love, kindness and help.  I always think of Ruth as a special friend.

– Heather

Ruth’s PT sessions are different to any that I have done before. Her programmes are completely individualised and no session is the same. Ruth’s attention to detail means that she is constantly assessing my fitness levels and creating workouts that are always challenging. In the last year since I started with Ruth, I have changed my entire body shape and become very toned and my fitness levels are the best they have ever been.

Ruth is an extremely positive, generous, enthusiastic and motivational trainer and coach. She completely understands the pressures of life for a working mum, and due to her philosophy, is  great at reminding me that I must look after myself first, in order to look after everyone else.

Ruth is very passionate about health and nutrition and she has been very generous in sharing her knowledge and recipes with me. This has changed the way I make choices for myself , and also for my children, to give them a great grounding in nutritious eating.

My whole family love Ruth and she has trained me, my two sisters and my mum! I really feel that Ruth is now a great friend as well as a fantastic trainer. I cannot recommend her highly enough if you want to make a change and be supported in a kind, generous and positive way.


– Monica R

Ruth is exceptional in what she does. What I love about training with Ruth is that she instantly got me. She connected with me emotionally and I felt relaxed and at ease. She is extremely passionate in what she does. Her energy has guided me to trust, to love, have fun and enjoy nurturing my whole body.

Ruth suggests and explores amazing, fun and innovative ways to bring your body, mind and soul into alignment. To work through what works for you, finding healthier options that you can work with.

Thank you so much Ruth for helping me celebrate the woman within in helping me express this physically with my body. I have no words to describe how eternally grateful I am. You love, live and breathe what you do. Thank you for the honour to learn and be guided by you. It is a gift one can not describe…..it’s awesome… you are amazing!!!!!


– Jodi P., Metaphysical Consultant

Ruth really cares.  She is very passionate and truly wants the best outcomes for her clients.  I have been training with Ruth for about 6 months and have just completed a 2 week cleanse under her guidance.   At first, I was a little apprehensive but with Ruth’s support I was able to achieve my goals.   Her approach is to educate people about food, to teach us how to be mindful of the different types of food we eat, and the different effects certain foods may have on our bodies.  It is from a point of nurturing and positivity, rather than deprivation and hardship.  Her aim is to empower her clients by providing a wealth of information, enabling them to make relevant choices which are right for them.  If you are needing a gentle reminder as to how best to look after yourself, or if you need a major overhaul, then I would strongly recommend talking with Ruth. She will tailor her program to suit your needs and lifestyle.


– Jane M.

If you are looking to improve your life, Ruth’s Thrive personal training and health and wellness coaching is highly recommended! Being a busy wife and mum of two gorgeous kids, I somewhere forgot about looking after myself in many areas. When I met Ruth she made it clear to me that looking after myself in a physical and nutritional way would help me be the best mother and wife I could be, giving me inner and outer strength to cope with life. Her motivation in her training is contagious, and I always feel invigorated after a session with her! Ruth has given me insight into the right choices when it comes to food, and gradually I have taken small steps to create a healthier me! Training sessions are always new and interesting, keeping me on my toes without pushing me beyond what I’m comfortable with . Ruth has a way of making you feel good about yourself with her warmth and interest in your life. The changes in my physical and mental state have been significant and Ruth has given me back the desire to aspire to be the best I can be. Thanks Ruth, I appreciate who you are and what you do for me!


– Kiera Appel

Ruth is the best trainer I have ever had. I believe Ruth is here to make a difference to your well being and body. I have never been happier and stronger since having twin girls. Training is always interesting and challenging. You never do the same exercise. Love your work Ruth!


– Sara Gaspar

Ruth’s approach to fitness and wellness is unique and effective. A whole mind, body and spirit approach that always leaves me rejuvenated and positive. I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without the last 3 years of Ruth’s thoughtful, creative and nurturing coaching

Lisa Walsh

– Lisa Walsh

I have been working with Ruth for three years. Over that period we have concentrated on running (distance, fitness and speed), cardio & fitness & strengthwork. Ruth is different to other trainers in that every time you train with her, she sets a new programme, that takes into account your specific needs at that time. It’s not just a set and forget. Ruth is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, well being & health. But more importantly, she will find a way for you to meet your fitness and health goals – what ever they are. She is constantly encouraging and supportive but also will speak her mind with caring honesty. She is without a doubt the best trainer I have had & I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to change their fitness or health in some way for the better.

Tammy Tansley

– Tammy Tansley

I approached Ruth for some one-on-one training at an emotionally stressful time in my life. I needed some stability and consistency, and she has gone above and beyond to provide this for me. Her attention to my needs, her encouragement and her ability to keep me motivated has been amazing. The results of my training with Ruth go beyond just physical fitness and strength, but are also evident in my mood and mental wellbeing. I would recommend Ruth to anyone wanting to improve themselves, both emotionally and physically, as I know she will do everything she can to help you get the results you are looking for.


– Kate Marsh

Before I started training with Ruth, I had never stepped into a gym or dreamed of training with a personal trainer. So it was with some trepidation, I began my training sessions. To my great surprise, I actually enjoyed training. The exercises can be demanding, but Ruth never pushes you beyond your capacity and encourages you to listen to your body. There is also the added fun of training in an outdoor-setting with a small group of ladies who always share good-natured jokes and laughter. Above all, the positive impacts of Ruth’s training are so evident: I have developed muscles where they were non-existent before and have become noticeably stronger and healthier. I have also acquired a “can do” attitude and am less afraid to take on new challenges or try things that I would normally shy away from—like rigorous exercises. Starting to train with Ruth was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.


– Yoko Imai

Ruth’s workouts are like nothing I’ve experienced before. Her attention to detail means that she adapts each session to suit her client’s personal goals and no two sessions are ever alike. Her workouts have changed my body shape significantly; I’m now much more toned, have a really strong core & am fitter than I’ve ever been. Ruth is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about good nutritious food and has inspired me to make lots of healthier choices in my diet & lifestyle. Ruth is warm, friendly, bubbly, encouraging, inspiring & motivating. I highly recommend Ruth to anyone who wants to radically change their body shape and get healthy.


– Emily W.

I scored BIG time when I happened to find Ruth, She has been my accountability coach for 9 Months now and she has changed my life. Ruth brings a totally new and refreshing way when it comes to coaching. I love her honesty and integrity and she really made me think about what I was doing to myself. I am so grateful for her guidance and attention to my life and my story. Her caring and compassionate nature shines through into her coaching. She knows exactly how to get the best from you. Ruth seems to find the perfect solution every time we meet. I have grown so far and learnt so much from working with Ruth and can highly recommend her to anyone looking for Health Coach to make positive changes in your life. It is truly refreshing to see such an authentic woman out there passionate about empowering lives of other women around the globe.I can’t thank you enough Ruth for helping me get my life back on track and making me accountable for my health and lifestyle choices, I needed that. I look forward to our future together forever growing.

Katrina Gall

– Katrina Gall – Admin Officer – QPS

I’ve been working with Ruth for the past 6 months and have had the most transformational experience. Ruth is a very sensitive, caring and intuitive coach, with the ability to inspire change. She is with me every step of the way and is always able to provide tools when I get stuck or go a little off track, because she fully understands that life sometimes can get in the way! What I find most valuable about Ruth is that she lives and breathes what she coaches. She is genuinely dedicated to helping me be the most vibrant self I can be, aligned with my goals and intentions so I live my most fulfilled life possible. Not only does she have extensive experience in personal training, nutrition and coaching, she is also amazingly fun and a very cool person to talk to. She makes sure that whatever I want to achieve, I do it with joy. I would recommend working with her if you are serious about taking great care of yourself!


– Karen Lee Weiss

It was a privilege spending time with Ruth. Her knowledge, expertise, genuine warmth and loving presence brought out the best in me. I would recommend Ruth to anyone who is struggling with dietary issues. She identified reasons why I might be overeating and helped me to find a healthy way to a better me. Ruth met me with a strong, firm, kind approach. She was there to help and she was determined not to judge and not to leave any stone unturned when helping me. I now feel much more happy and self confident in myself, thank you Ruth.


– Neisha M.

Ruth’s approach to wellness and coaching really resonated with me. Allowing time for reflection, encouraging healthy choices and having someone ‘in my corner’ to keep me on track was the key to achieving goals and journeying towards a stronger, fitter me. I would recommend Ruth especially to women lacking a little confidence, those needing to focus on putting themselves first to achieve more balance in their life.



– Gemma S.

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Beautifying most delicious and super quick chocolate cookies 🙂   1 cup of whatever leftovers…

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