About Ruth

My passion is to help busy women redesign their lives and become the best version of themselves.

My story

My journey to vibrant health has been a long and challenging path.

At the age of 16, I had a terrifying accident. I was swimming and diving in the pool with friends. One dive resulted in me bursting a vein in my brain. This became life threatening, as with the burst came a massive bleed on the brain and my fight for my life started.

Not only was there a lot of pain each day but it also meant I had to start all over again and relearn the most basic things in life such as speaking, seeing, moving, reading, writing and playing. This was not easy; however, it made me realise how unimportant THINGS really were and it fuelled my determination to get back to full HEALTH and living life to the fullest.

Not many believed I would, but against all the odds I made a full recovery.

What I’ve learnt

With restored health, a new appreciation of life and a different insight into the body and how it can heal itself, I was on a mission to share this knowledge to others. My passion to motivate, encourage and guide people to the best most vibrant versions of themselves was born.

Moving, nurturing and filling your body with beautiful nourishing foods is what I live by now and have ever since.

I have also learnt that my journey towards vibrant health is ongoing, with new and constant challenges arising. When life makes me re-define myself, I dig deep and utilise the skills I have learnt through very trying times to come out the other end; yes sometimes maybe a little bruised- but definitely stronger.

Being physically active and nourishing my body with the right foods helps me tackle life challenges and makes me a stronger, happier and better person. I have never felt better, and it is now my purpose to empower, inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself; guiding you to nurture your precious body with delicious, healthy foods and keep your body strong and energised, moving it in the way it is supposed to.

As a model.

As part of my life’s ride I fell into the modelling scene, which was a very unhealthy environment. The arrogance, the competition, and unhealthy eating behaviours were a real eye opener for me. The glamorous lifestyle is actually driven by numbers; a meat-market that strips your soul. This is a world that could not be further away from what I believed in and was passionate about. Nonetheless, I felt myself sucked into the vicious cycle of unhealthy thoughts followed by eating less and training more excessively. Unhappy, weak and anxious, I knew I was betraying my true natural self and my second chance I had been given for this life. So I stopped modelling, counting calories and overtraining and instead started listening to my body and soon regained my old spark.

As a mother away from home and business owner.

Becoming a mum in a new country, trying to settle into a completely new community, I was so busy making a home, running a business and prioritizing everyone else’s needs, I ignored my own wellbeing and health, which put a lot of pressure on my marriage and almost ended in divorce. With more lessons learnt, I realized how important self-care and nurturing my soul is for me to be able to be the best and most radiant version of myself. I believe this is something very powerful and precious I can now pass on to my children.

As a personal trainer, yoga teacher and nutrition & health coach.

As a personal trainer, my health soared and so has the health of my clients. I believe that our sacred bodies need loving movement to stay strong, healthful and glowing. My approach to personal training has from the very beginning been a very holistic one and while I have always loved supporting my client’s changes and growth through exercise, I felt there was more I could do to empower them on their journey of transformation and better health.

I have always been very attracted by the art of yoga and its gentle yet powerful ways to bring body, mind and soul in unison. But it wasn`t until I studied to become a yoga teacher myself that I really understood the depth of this beautiful journey. I feel that even as a yoga teacher, I will always stay a student and be forever growing and learning on how I can dive even deeper into this blissful space called yoga – and this is exactly what I am hoping to give to my yoga clients too.

However, I still felt there was more I could do to assist my clients to make their health journey more complete, effective and successful. This is why I went back to school to study nutrition. I love sharing this knowledge with my clients and empowering them on how nourish themselves the healthy-licious way. I have realized that there is a lot of confusion going on in terms of `how to eat right`. I believe that everyone is different and that it takes a lot of persistence and perseverance but above all a lot of loving self-nurture to find the winning combination of delicious wholefoods that’s right for you.

Combining personal training, yoga and nutrition is a perfect approach for me: it gives me the opportunity to not only make my clients stronger, happier and more confident people by helping them to accomplish their goals on a physical level or change their bodies on the outside. It also allows me to help my clients make changes from the inside: by nurturing their minds and souls with Pranayama, meditation and asanas that re-balance, boost immunity and reinvigorate, I can support their health and healing on a whole different level. Adding beautiful fresh wholefoods to support my clients` weight loss, boost their energy levels, rejuvenate them from the inside out or simply guide them to look and feel the best versions of themselves is for me the last missing piece of helping my clients to out-glow themselves.


Being physically active and nourishing my body with the right foods helps me tackle life challenges and makes me stronger, happier and a better person.  I have never felt better, and it is now my purpose to empower, inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself; guiding you to nurture your precious self with delicious, healthy foods and keep your body, soul and mind strong, balanced and vibrant.


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