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About Ruth

When it’s time to experience
True + Deep + Genuine Health*,
with more Energy, Happiness and Flow in your life...

* free from restriction, hunger and boring salads

You want someone who will Guide, Support and Empower you back into True Balance**

** with kindness, ease and joy, AND in the most effective way possible!

You’re a busy and dedicated person and you’ve got all the crazy things going on in your life right now – work, family, other external pulls – all demanding your time and energy. And on top of that, you’ve reached “that stage of life” where your body and energy levels have changed – and not in a way that makes you jump for joy.

Don’t you wish you just had someone who could tune in, identify within your body and life what’s out of balance, and support you with love back into alignment? (In a way that doesn’t shame or overwhelm you?)

Well, you’re in just the right place, my friend!

You see, that’s where I come in.

I’m Ruth Balsiger, a Holistic Vitality Transformation Coach*.

I work with people who want to out-thrive themselves through re-balancing their body, mind and life, tapping into your body’s innate intelligence**.

*The comprehensive title I’ve appointed myself, because true balance and vitality only happens when every part of your Unique Self (your mental, emotional, physical, physiological & spiritual aspects) is in balance and radiates from the inside out – so the title “Nutrition & Health Coach” simply doesn’t cut it!

**Your body always knows the answer! I teach you how to listen to your body…Utilising everything that’s already within you (which you’ve possibly forgotten about), bringing that back into balance rather than trying to “fix” and adapt from outside influences.

Read about my Vision, my Mission and my 9 Pillars of Health

Imagine what it would be like to experience true health...

where you feel so comfortable in your body, your energy levels are the best they’ve been for decades, and your mind is clear and calm.

What’s more, you’re utilising your strengths and showing up in the world the way that you were born to.

  • You wake up each morning feeling refreshed and excited about the day ahead.
  • You feel amazing in your body – your skin is glowing; you have consistent energy throughout the day and bloating is a thing of the past (or a reminder of that special meal you had out with friends the previous night / or a simple reminder to realign…)
  • Life is flowing (most of the time!)
  • You’re experiencing that Self-Love that everyone talks about. This whole new relationship with food that you couldn’t previously imagine, and a loving relationship with your body. Seriously! And this self-love radiates out into all aspects of your life – your relationships with loved ones, your creativity, even your wealth!
  • You feel and look better than you have for decades.
  • Those daily habits you’ve been trying to start now seem easy, and you even enjoy them.
  • It’s easy to fall - and stay - asleep

And if your life is far from this, I see you, I understand. And that’s where I come in.

You’re the type of person who…

  • Would really love to have more consistent energy in your life.
  • Realises that the quick-fix approaches don’t work and you’re ready to try a long-term approach (which also brings short-term wins)reminder to realign…)
  • Knows deep down that Holistic modalities are the way forward, although HRT, surgery or Botox are looking more appealing as the symptoms head further south
  • Is ready to transform your health to the next level.

You haven’t found the right combination that works.

Is this you?

Do you feel tired when you get up, even though you went to bed in good time?


Struggle with brain fog, or regular slumps throughout the day, and reach for caffeine or sugar (or stronger!!) to get you through.

Feel uncomfortable in your body, and nothing that you used to do works anymore, or it’s simply unsustainable. (Hello belly fat, why are you still there, even after all that core work and cardio sessions – seriously?!)


Notice changes in your skin – maybe crepey or sagging, bags & circles around the eyes. And don’t start on all the money spent in desperate hope that the next body lotion bought will be the one that makes the difference… Am-I-right? (You’re not alone!)


Do you try to eat healthily but struggle with yo-yo dieting, energy slumps, mood swings, digestive or gut health issues, or over-eating?


Perhaps you think “That’s just the way it is because of...

  • my genes
  • my age
  • my work/family situation
  • Peri-menopause or Menopause
  • Fill-in-the-blank!! ”

Or maybe you’re so busy meeting everyone else’s needs that you’ve no time or energy left to do what you want to do – not that you know what that is!

And deep down you know there’s a better way, a holistic way that’s right for you.

And I’m here to tell you that there is.

Ok, it’s not exactly a SECRET that you want to feel younger, have more Energy, and be happier within your body!

We live in a Quick-fix society (diets, over-exercising, fasting…) which may give you results in the short-term but creates more imbalance & dissatisfaction in the long-term.

This adds to feelings of failure, helplessness, shame, beating yourself up… which buries any remaining motivation.

Given the wrong information – marketing (food companies’ goal is profit NOT our health). Meanwhile, our innate body wisdom becomes out of balance, and we’re the ones making a loss.

Instagram / social media leads to comparison-itis and perfectionism.

Over time, we’ve lost sense of what balance and true health is, and become overwhelmed with what we perceive we should do.

We experience lack of time to ourselves, trying to do everything, and be everything, to everyone else – giving from an empty cup.

My Vision

I dream of living in a world with the bluest of skies, and we're able to see the night sky sparkling with millions of stars again. We're breathing in beautiful, clean air. We are drinking pure, unfortified water, which is so good for us and which rehydrates us on a deep level. We are nourishing ourselves with whole foods that are rich in everything we need because they're grown in beautiful rich soil, free of chemicals. People are vibrant and healthy, connected and living in harmony with the earth, without inflammation, without self-doubt. We are attuned to our innate body wisdom, living our true potential and creating a healthier world in harmony with nature.

My Mission

My mission is to create harmony within the body, to reclaim your inner glow, vitality and balance, to step into your body's innate strength and true healing powers. As each of us becomes the healthiest, most glowing radiant versions of ourselves, exactly the way we were born to be, we can recreate harmony within our universe.

My 9 Pillars of Health

Healthy Eating
  • Nourishing your body with love
  • Simple, doable, delicious, mindful
Sleep & Restoration
  • Reset, cleanse, rebuild, rejuvenate, recover
  • Toxins & waste, imbalance, disease

Conscious Breathing

  • Activate Parasympathetic System
  • Nutrient rich oxygenated blood
  • Reduce Stress & Fatigue
Joyful Movement
  • Maintain healthy body systems
  • Joyful vs over-training
  • Simple, doable, fun, individualised
Natural Biorhythms
  • Synchronise
  • Day/night, Times of day, Seasons
  • Innate cleanse, reboot & repair


  • Boost innate mechanisms
  • Slowed metabolism, inflammation, changes of body function, disease
  • Utilising Ghee
Metabolic Health
  • Stimulate digestive fire
  • Utilise herbs & spices, hot water, movement, breathwork
  • Minimise and manage
  • Chronic Stress leads to inflammation, belly fat, infertility, chronic diseases

Healthy Relationships

  • With Self & Others
  • Old wounds / traumas, automated behaviours, self-limiting beliefs
  • Acceptance / Love & Appreciation
Beautifying most delicious and super quick chocolate cookies :-)
Beautifying most delicious and super quick chocolate cookies 🙂   1 cup of whatever leftovers…

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