30–Days To Kickstart Healthy Habits Online Program

Beautiful reminders and fresh inspiration to a better and happier version of yourself

This online program is for you if you are looking for a low-cost-no-risk option to kick bad habits good-bye and learn simple but effective strategies on how to redesign your life. It is also for you if you feel you already have a good understanding of what your body thrives on but you need little reminders and fresh inspiration to keep you on track on your journey towards the best, most vibrant version of yourself.

What you will learn

Via emails I will empower you with new tools on how to make healthier food choices, keep your body moving, and successfully plan ahead to set yourself up for glowing success. You will have unlimited email support from me and also access to your own closed Facebook group to support you, to stay focused on your goals and exchange your experiences with like-minded busy women.

What you get:

  • 1 main coaching session email per week with easy to follow action plans to support and empower your journey towards vibrant health
  • Smaller coaching session emails throughout each weak to ensure you stay on track and your journey towards vibrant health and wellbeing is successful
  • Plenty of easy to follow, delicious recipes that will re-inspire you
  • Easy to follow-shopping list
  • Easy to follow menu plans
  • Exercise ideas and exercise videos
  • Plenty of motivation and inspiration
  • Access to your very own closed facebook support group
  • Unlimited support from me in your closed facebook support group
  • Unlimited email support throughout your 30-day program

* either 1:1 or via skype


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