10 Foods to a Healthier, Happier and Slimmer YOU


Here are the first 5 of my top 10 foods that will help you feel vibrant, look radiant and smash those health and weight-loss goals of yours:


  1. Kale and other leafy green vegetables

Are delicious powerhouses packed with health boosting phytonutrients and antioxidants and little calories. Those leafy vegetables full of green goodness are also high in fibre which helps to control your appetite by keeping you full for longer. At the same time fibre is kicking your digestive system up a notch which will help you eliminate waste material and toxins more efficiently. Kale is also a great source of plant-based calcium which is great for your bone and muscle health but has also been linked to weight loss. Research shows that the more calcium a fat cell has available, the more fat the cell will actually burn. Best of all, kale and other leafy greens like spinach are all too easy mixed into your favourite green smoothie, salad or stir-fry.


  1. Seeds and nuts (especially chia, flaxseed, sesame and pepita seeds, almonds and walnuts)

Are your best snack ever to help you feel your most vibrant and radiant best self. These little nutritious jewels are loaded with lots of healthful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, protein and healthy fats. Most nuts and seeds have anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant properties while at the same time boosting insulin sensitivity and keeping blood sugar levels even. It is this powerful combination which keeps your waist slim. However, keep in mind that those nutrient dense gems are also high in calories, so if you are looking at losing weight, stick to your one handful a day.

Chia seeds – are quite low in fat but those little power seeds are incredibly high in fibre and waist-slimming omega-3s and calcium.

Flaxseeds – are high in fibre and waist-slimming antioxidants and omega 3s, plus they can improve insulin sensitivity

Sesame seeds – are high in calcium and fibre and can thus help regulate appetite and boost calorie burn in your fat cell

Pepita seeds – are particularly high in zinc which is a potent antioxidant and an important nutrient in any fat burning process

Almonds are very high in the antioxidant vitamin E and calcium which both helps to improve the fat burning in the cell and makes your skin glow

Walnuts – are particular rich in waist slimming omega-3 fatty acids plus they contain an amino acid which protects the flexibility of your blood vessels.


  1. Beans and legumes

Are your best shields to protect you from accumulating fat on your waist-line. Pulses are low in calories but high in fibre and plant protein. Both helps to keep your hunger at bay and stay full for longer, plus for every gram of fibre we eat, we eliminate about 7 calories. Proteins are known to have the highest thermogenic effect on our metabolism plus research also shows that pea-based diets are usually higher in the amino acid arginine and often also glutamine which have been shown to increase carbohydrate and fat-burning further. Consuming a diet high in plant protein has been also linked to less fat accumulation around your middle as those amazing pearls of great health seem to successfully re-direct fat away from your belly.


  1. Cultured foods like apple cider vinegar, natural yoghurt, kefir, miso or fermented vegetables

Are your best gut healers, antidepressants and stress killers. It is common knowledge now that in order to feel your best happiest, most energised, slim self, it is essential to have a healthy balanced gut microbiome. A digestive system that maintains the right proportion of friendly bacteria boosts your immune system, removes harmful toxins and bacteria, improves digestion, produces vital vitamins and nutrients, supports healthy brain function and happy mood and helps us to sustain optimal body weight. The best and quickest way to add balancing microbes to your gut is by incorporating some cultured foods into your diet. My preferred ones are apple cider vinegar, miso and yoghurt because they just fit perfectly into my cooking and lifestyle. Which ones are your favourites and will fit into your healthy world of living?


  1. Broccoli, kale and other cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, garden cress, and cauliflower

Are great to block free radicals from attacking your DNA and greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer. Those delicious greens from the brassica family are high in fibre and other health boosting micronutrients such as folate, vitamin C, E and K. They are true powerhouses with anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties, but best of all are thought to reduce oxidative stress and thus protect your body from an overload of harmful free radicals. Moreover, they are rich in sulphur-containing compounds which trigger your liver to produce enzymes that detoxify carcinogens before they get a chance to damage the cell. I don’t know about you, but my greens have never tasted better ever since I am aware of what magic they can do for my body.

Yes, feeling and looking amazing can be just as simple as nurturing your beautiful body, soul and mind with these beautifying superfoods. If you are hooked now and love the way these wholefoods make your skin glow, fill you with happiness and help your waist shrink, I have got great news: there are more delicious, healthful foods to transform your body and life.  You will find round two of  5 delicious foods you do not want to miss out on eating in my next blog.

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